Anyone that knows someone that is going to die one day or is ever going to St. Peter themselves can read this below.....

Me having a strong willed father with a serious, terminal illness for about two decades now, has made me every now and then reflect over the principal of death. Why are we so afraid of death and why is it such a taboo and makes people uncomfortabe to talk about or mention at all? It is the fear of the unknown. And the fear of loss and your own feelings in the moment. Of loosing control and not knowing what to do, say or act.

This AMAZING and super informative podcast [thanks brother Karl Nilssen for the link] blew me away in a good sense. I have been reading Anita Moorjanis book [Dying to be me] that is super interesting and inspiring too, but if you like a concentrated, short and well-informed podcast to listen to and that will leave you with insights you just DONT WANT TO MISS on your evening walk, I highly recommend this one. I hope you enjoy it and even more-enjoy the life that you live in right now! <3

Love, Aja Humm, Transformative & Executive Coaching

Podcast: What It's Like to Die

Today on the podcast Barbara and I get into what to expect when you're in the twilight of life and how you can make the experience less scary and more meaningful.