My vision is that every human being on this planet should have access to psychological freedom independent of their background, ethnicity, religious belief or nonbelief, and differences in sexual orientation. 🌍


πŸ“ˆSo, why do I choose to work in the Business world if this is the base of my passion?


⏰And why do I look forward to getting up in the morning and do my work?


Well. Business generally moves fast. And even though I am a person with stamina in the long run, I am also impatient. Life is pretty short, so we better get out there and make a (positive!) difference now. That's why I choose to work in the business world. A fast and lasting impact that benefits business and the people in it.πŸŒ…

So, how do I share this in business and in what form?

I dedicate myself to results. When we start a workshop, it is the desired results or solutions to a (big) challenge that is the main focus. 

I don't focus on the soft stuff, it will emerge naturally for the specific group I work with, but mainly I focus on the mechanics behind clarity and what makes people find the solutions the company seeks. When collaboration is at its peak and insights start to flow, it is mind-blowing what can come up.

When executing your work no longer feels like a never-ending treadmill session, but more like running in nature with forests, sun, hills and sea views, you will have so much more power and happiness (and therefore results) in your daily work-life. And who wouldn't want that for a change? πŸ‘ŠπŸ»




You are also welcome to listen to my podcast Suksesspillen on iTunes and Podbean (Android). The podcast is in Norwegian mainly, but has also great/insightful English interviews with some of the best business developers in the world.


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