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Do you respect the speed limit...?


Do you respect the speed limit...?

Probably, in the moment of speeding, you don´t consider that you have the potential to be a threat to the environment around you, right?


Well, I bet we could talk for a long time about this topic, but let us put cars and mph on the side for a while and continue talking about the speeding between our ears, in other words our thoughts.

If you were to put a speed mark on your thoughts right now, what would it be? We can call it tpm (thoughts per minute). Lets say 0-100 is you in a relaxed up to excited/active state, 100-200 mild/increasing stress, 200-250 full stress, 300 burn out.

I would say mine is like 50-75 tpm right now. That is pretty good for writing a post. Creativity and inspiration flows naturally.

I am relaxed, but yet alert.

My tpm has the potential though, to rise quickly if something unpredictable would happen to me. For instance if my son suddenly came bursting into my office with a big cut in his finger and blood everywhere or a sudden storm would make the building shake or a neighbor would ring on my door bell wanting to share a bottle of wine RIGHT now. The problem is that all these examples wouldn´t fit my world at this moment, since I am really enjoying myself in this introverted state of writing to you. So therefore, my thinking would speed up at least 50-75 tpm to at least 150 tpm for sure.

Will my creativity flow and my decision making be best at 150-175 tpm? No, it will not. I would most likely make some bad decisions or become inner and/or outer agitated in some way and use much more time on my tasks.

Has it ever happened to you at home or in your work environment that you were put off and distracted by outer happenings? I bet it has. A lot.

So what is the point of me telling you all this?

 I have three reasons.

  1. To make you more CONSCIOUS about your own thinking.
  2. To help you see WHY you make bad decisions (like starting a quarrel/heated discussion with your spouse/kids/co-workers or eating that extra bag of potato chips)
  3. Understanding this is happening to you every day and every hour.

And by the way, I will not teach you a new technique you will have to apply. In case you were starting to think this might be hard….

In fact you don´t have to do ANYTHING.

Next time you feel a bit stressed out about something or noticing you are making things complicated in your mind, you can just think “what speed am I at right now? Ahhh…. Interesting. OK, I am at 200, no wonder I seem to make bad decisions/feel overwhelmed/angry/victimized.” You might even think a cup of coffee or a cigarette would help. And maybe you are right, but it is most likely NOT because of the cigarette of the coffee, but rather that you allowed yourself to TAKE A SMALL BREAK to calm your thinking. That´s all you need. Get over yourself and you are back on track again.

The road is always there. Just follow the speed limits. Use the break more often and remember to buckle the seat belt. You might surprise yourself how fast you´re able to push the breaks and be back on track!


Warm and calm kisses from Aja


Sources: Linda and Georg Pransky, Michael Neill “The Inside Out Revolution”

Photo: Shutterstock