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Why all this fuzz about creativity?


Why all this fuzz about creativity?

II guess you have heard all the buzzing about how important creativity is for developing your business, for having an exciting and fulfilling personal life, for playing with your children with an open and loving feel, and at last, did I mention creativity in the bedroom???


My whole life I have been surrounded by creative and artistic people. I got my first violin at the age of 3 from my Swiss grandfather whom happened to be a professional violinist, composer and conductor. My grandmother was a piano teacher. My uncle is a world-class graphic designer and painter.When it came to my mother, she happened to be a very active single mom, and I think my sister and I have attended practically every choir rehearsal, music theater rehearsal, concerts, festivals, live jazz brunches and concerts and art exhibitions from the earliest age…. Even her music studies at the university we occasionally attended. (I played with John Cage at the age of 8 and I remember I was banging on some sort of wooden stick to make artistic noise).


I have a Master degree in music, played with the best orchestras and soloists, toured the world, but did I feel creative? Well, yes I did. Sometimes. “In the moment” on stage playing in a group where everything was floating perfectly and everybody was 100% tuned in, I would be in my creative self, so to speak…Or when I was practicing the violin in my solitary practice room I could get all sorts of creative ideas and thoughts.Most of the time though, I did not feel creative and free…Really not. Rather I was trying to be a “good girl” or a “good student” or employee and do my very best to please peoples expectations. Or at least what I THOUGHT were their expectations…



I love this quote from the genius Albert Einstein: The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. The analytical mind it´s faithful servant.


I would love to share with you this very rare recording of Einstein playing Mozart sonata on the violin. It lasts 6.31 minutes and that might sound like an eternity in todays rapid world, but I assure you that this historical moment is worth it. When you slow down to listen, you even might get some brilliant ideas or solutions as a bonus.


One day I decided to do something about this unsatisfying feeling of trying to please others expectations, the feeling that I thought kept me from me being happy and creative. I went out and dressed myself naked. I would tell the world the truth about how I was feeling. With that purpose in mind, I started my coaching education with the goal of becoming creative and free.I was so much looking forward to learn everything possible that would come my way. As a good student I (usually) am, I worked hard, learned and practiced the techniques, read lots of books, trained with the best in the field all over the world and took a dozen personality tests, strength finder tests, and for sure, it helped me a lot to become much more wiser about myself and how the human brain works (or doesn´t work…) and my clients at the time also noticed a significant positive change.But why did all this mental and physical hard work towards being in a creative, free flow on or off stage not work EVERY TIME? I wish I knew….

Then there was a new buzz…People whom I trusted and also consider to be very intelligent and successful started to talk an write about that everything had to do with thought and our consciousness and mind and that these three principals even were universal…That there was nothing to be afraid of anymore because everything was just thought anyway and that we could give our analytical brain vacation most of the time because by doing that, the right insights would occur…Sounded so easy and almost a bit provocative to me.

Ask yourself, how important is it for you to have:

A clear mind.

Finding the ultimate solutions and ideas.

To perform at your best without it wearing you out.

Have you ever tried paddling? Or watched skilled rowers float quietly and effortlessly down the river looking like they are in total unity with the water? Can you imagine if they would start to fight the natural flow of the water, how hard it would be to get the boat moving and how exhausted they quickly would become?

Or imagine a glass bowl of dirty water, full of particles that makes the water totally non transparent. What actions will you take to clear the water up?None. You wait until all the dirt sinks to the bottom and then the water clears up all by itself.

Does your mind ever feel like unclear, restless water full of particles and dirt?

The same principle can be adopted to your mind.With this simple knowledge I have discovered the key to accessing my creativity and freedom. Wow. Powerful stuff.

At the same time I have also become very attentive to when my analytical thoughts activate. Sometimes I want them there, but when I prefer being in a creative and free state where I find myself to be much more productive and make better decisions, I calm down (usually in seconds) and enter the good feeling and a quieter mind.

The cool thing is that the access is only one thought away. For me that changed the world.

How does all this relate to business?

Have you ever:

Wanted to be creative, but something was stopping you?

Struggled with making decisions?

Overloaded with work?

Felt stress?

Had short deadlines?

Conflicts in the workplace or with clients?

Found yourself stuck in a problem?

Experienced anxiety or stage fright?

In all these matters it is your thoughts that creates the unwanted problem feeling and therefore you can quickly create new thoughts that takes away the unwanted feeling/thoughts.

Sounds too easy? Or too difficult?

The good thing is that you do not have to do anything to get there. Just wait a few seconds to the water clears up and you are back. No “positive thinking BS” is required either. Feel when the boat sails with the stream again. You know the good feeling. Maybe you forgot it for a while, but I assure you, you know when it is there.


Do you respect the speed limit...?


Do you respect the speed limit...?

Probably, in the moment of speeding, you don´t consider that you have the potential to be a threat to the environment around you, right?


Well, I bet we could talk for a long time about this topic, but let us put cars and mph on the side for a while and continue talking about the speeding between our ears, in other words our thoughts.

If you were to put a speed mark on your thoughts right now, what would it be? We can call it tpm (thoughts per minute). Lets say 0-100 is you in a relaxed up to excited/active state, 100-200 mild/increasing stress, 200-250 full stress, 300 burn out.

I would say mine is like 50-75 tpm right now. That is pretty good for writing a post. Creativity and inspiration flows naturally.

I am relaxed, but yet alert.

My tpm has the potential though, to rise quickly if something unpredictable would happen to me. For instance if my son suddenly came bursting into my office with a big cut in his finger and blood everywhere or a sudden storm would make the building shake or a neighbor would ring on my door bell wanting to share a bottle of wine RIGHT now. The problem is that all these examples wouldn´t fit my world at this moment, since I am really enjoying myself in this introverted state of writing to you. So therefore, my thinking would speed up at least 50-75 tpm to at least 150 tpm for sure.

Will my creativity flow and my decision making be best at 150-175 tpm? No, it will not. I would most likely make some bad decisions or become inner and/or outer agitated in some way and use much more time on my tasks.

Has it ever happened to you at home or in your work environment that you were put off and distracted by outer happenings? I bet it has. A lot.

So what is the point of me telling you all this?

 I have three reasons.

  1. To make you more CONSCIOUS about your own thinking.
  2. To help you see WHY you make bad decisions (like starting a quarrel/heated discussion with your spouse/kids/co-workers or eating that extra bag of potato chips)
  3. Understanding this is happening to you every day and every hour.

And by the way, I will not teach you a new technique you will have to apply. In case you were starting to think this might be hard….

In fact you don´t have to do ANYTHING.

Next time you feel a bit stressed out about something or noticing you are making things complicated in your mind, you can just think “what speed am I at right now? Ahhh…. Interesting. OK, I am at 200, no wonder I seem to make bad decisions/feel overwhelmed/angry/victimized.” You might even think a cup of coffee or a cigarette would help. And maybe you are right, but it is most likely NOT because of the cigarette of the coffee, but rather that you allowed yourself to TAKE A SMALL BREAK to calm your thinking. That´s all you need. Get over yourself and you are back on track again.

The road is always there. Just follow the speed limits. Use the break more often and remember to buckle the seat belt. You might surprise yourself how fast you´re able to push the breaks and be back on track!


Warm and calm kisses from Aja


Sources: Linda and Georg Pransky, Michael Neill “The Inside Out Revolution”

Photo: Shutterstock


Is stress an illusion?


Is stress an illusion?

I am currently presenting a whole NEW WAY of looking at performance anxiety and stress. It has totally changed my own understanding of how we humans work and it definitely also will change yours.

You might think “oh, just another new and trendy technique that soon will be forgotten, I might just leave it at that”… Then I am sorry to disappoint you in your assumptions. This is NOT a technique, it is NOT something you have to work hard for to achieve and it is NOT new age or anything like that.

What if just by understanding ONE simple truth, your perception of life would change for EVER? Your perception on stress, low moods, childhood traumas, difficult co-workers, time management, talking in public and anything else you can think of. What if by just understanding this ONE simple truth you could handle any situation with a clear mind?

Does you current way of dealing with stress work for you? 

The experience of the experience will change when you stop chasing the wild horses, but rather let them come to you. This is NOT about the “law of attraction”, but about getting over yourself. The power is to really get the simple truth that it is ALL in your thinking, in your consciousness and your mind. Amazing, right?

You cannot and for g… sake WILL NOT stop feeling, but the overwhelming negative feelings will gradually pass as you know it is anyway created by your thought. This is not a technique, it is YOU. When you see that you will start to grow, your business will grow, your relations will improve and you will be shocked about how easy it really is to meet ANY challenge life might offer you.



“GOOD MORNING,” said the little prince. 
“Good Morning,” said the salesclerk. This was a salesclerk who sold pills invented to quench thirst. Swallow one a week and you no longer feel any need to drink.
“Why do you sell these pills?”
“They save so much time,” the salesclerk said. “Experts have calculated that you can save fifty-three minutes a week.”
“And what do you do with those fifty-three minutes?”
“Whatever you like.”
“If I had fifty-three minutes to spend as I liked,” the little prince said to himself, “I’d walk very slowly toward a water fountain…” 
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince 


Source: Linda, George Pransky, Michael Neill. The Inside-Out Revolution.

foto: Shutterstock